Carpet supply and fit by All Flooring UK.

We specialise in carpet supply and fitting in South London and Surrey.

Whether you are looking for a modern contemporary design or a more traditional carpet, we can provide a wide range of products and designs.

Choose from a large variety of twists, weaves, sea grasses, loops or stripes, from carpet ranges such as Roger Oates, Comar, Victoria Carpets, West Tex and Colour Net, for more information and samples please get in touch.

Call us on 0203 137 8161 today.

Some of our recent carpet projects:

Local Areas: Stair Carpet in Bexley | Stair Carpet in Bromley | Stair Carpet in Croydon | Stair Carpet in Greenwich | Stair Carpet in Kingston | Stair Carpet in Lambeth | Stair Carpet in Lewisham | Stair Carpet in Merton | Stair Carpet in Richmond | Stair Carpet in Southwark | Stair Carpet in Sutton | Stair Carpet in Wandsworth | Stair Carpet in Kensginton & Chelsea | Striped Carpet in Bexley | Striped Carpet in Bromley | Striped Carpet in Croydon | Striped Carpet in Greenwich | Striped Carpet in Kingston | Striped Carpet in Lambeth | Striped Carpet in Lewisham | Striped Carpet in Merton | Striped Carpet in Richmond | Striped Carpet in Southwark | Striped Carpet in Sutton | Striped Carpet in Wandsworth | Striped Carpet in Kensington & Chelsea | Carpet Tiles in Bexley | Carpet Tiles in Bromley | Carpet Tiles in Croydon | Carpet Tiles in Greenwich | Carpet Tiles in Kingston | Carpet Tiles in Lambeth | Carpet Tiles in Lewisham | Carpet Tiles in Merton | Carpet Tiles in Richmond | Carpet Tiles in Southwark | Carpet Tiles in Sutton | Carpet Tiles in Wandsworth | Carpet Tiles in Kensington & Chelsea | Carpet Fitters in Bexley | Carpet Fitters in Bromley | Carpet Fitters in Croydon | Carpet Fitters in Greenwich | Carpet Fitters in Kingston | Carpet Fitters in Lambeth | Carpet Fitters in Lewisham | Carpet Fitters in Merton | Carpet Fitters in Richmond | Carpet Fitters in Southwark | Carpet Fitters in Sutton | Carpet Fitters in Wandsworth | Carpet Fitters in Kensington & Chelsea